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Tax info page

This page has various information concerning Solar tax incentives

Tax incentives
Tax incentives are normally centered around State and Federal Tax Credits. These type incentives are just like cash and are unlike traditional tax deductions. Although CEM is not a tax adviser we can pass along the commonly known rates. If is recommended to seek out a tax adviser if you have further questions.

We group the incentives in two areas, Solar Thermal and Solar Electric (or Solar PV)

Solar Thermal
The State Rebate here in NC is 35% of the install cost but is capped at $1400. Pools are included as well. Call for more information particularly if you are considering space heating.

The Fedearl Rebate is 30% with NO Cap.

Solar PV
The State Rebate here in NC is 35% with a Cap of $10.5k

The Federal Rebate is 30% with NO Cap.

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