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Some of the services that Central Energy Management can provide are:

Solar Consulting:
Central Energy Management (CEM) welcomes the opportunity to assist plumbers that are considering including Solar Hot Water as one of their installation services. In the same way we look forward to talking with Electrical Contractors that would be interested in offering Solar PV as a service in their normal operations. We can be a resource to any company and in most situations there is no charge for our services. Please give us a call if you are interested in offering solar systems to your customers.

Site Surveys:
CEM has some of the most modern equipment that can be used during the site survey to determine if solar would be economical for your location. There are many factors that should be considered before making an investment into solar energy. One factor of course is to determine how much solar access is available at a given site throughout the year. CEM will produce a report containing accurate shade and sunlight data, which can be used to determine if a solar system should be recommended. CEM can also make a determination if Load Management or other methods could be used to save the customer money on their energy costs.

Electrical Construction:
CEM can provide Electrical Construction/Maintenance on 3 phase Commercial and Industrial as well as conventional Residential installations. Holder of Electrical Contracting License.

Custom System Design:
Central Energy Management can custom design control-systems that can be programmed to provide energy management and automation.

Embedded Development:
CEM has provided Electronic Embedded Designs from conception through product proto-types. This includes Schematic design, Bread-boarding, Schematic capture and PCB design. Further services in the area of software development using various programming languages including Assembly and C are also available. This sector of the operation is conducted by a sister company when required.


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