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This page has various information concerning Solar and Energy Management as well as technical white papers.

Tax incentives
CEM can provide the details on tax credits by clicking here, and other ways to purchase our solar products at much less than full price. In fact some systems can be purchased for less than half the retail price.

Understanding Solar Thermal configurations
The two standard Domestic Hot Water (DHW) systems are Glycol and Drainback. The following diagrams will help to distinguish the differences between Glycol and Drainback There are many different collector types but there are two that are talked about in the industry. They are Flat Plates and Evacuated Tubes. Click on the following link to see a real good comparison of the two. Flat Plates verses Evacuated Tubes.

Understanding our new Lighting Technologies
The following will explain our new Induction Lighting Technology


Comparison of savings of HID verse Everlast Light
The following is clear picture of the savings of our Fullspectrum Solutions product


Application Notes supporting CEM products
CEM has published application notes that will provide a knowledge-base to CEM customers as well as other technical/trade personnel. Some of the application notes deal with utility and industry standards such as 3-phase power configurations.
Standard Voltage Transformer Configurations (Including 3phase WYE and Delta
Conversion values for Electrical and Thermal Calculations

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