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Photovoltaics (PV Electric Generation)
Central Energy Management's new line of PV products can provide state-of-the-art solar systems allowing your business or home to realize power generation from the sun several hours per day. 

For the end user that would like to sell their excess solar energy back to the local utility, Central Energy Management can make advisements of those grid-tied services as well.

Solar PV Components and Systems
Solar PV Panels

Grid-Tie Inverters

Special Solar Parts

Ask about the new SolargenAC system which provides utility grade AC power directly from the roof. The power generated from the SolargenAC System does not have to be converted because it is already utility grade and can be directly used or sold back to the power company. This new product name is presently solely available only from Central Energy Management


Solar Thermal (Hot Water) Systems and Components

Central Energy Management can also offer Solar Thermal products that use solar energy to heat domestic hot water systems.  The most recent pool heating systems are available as well.


Solar Thermal Components and Systems
Platinum Collectors

Solvelox Conversion Kits

Turn-key System Tanks

New Hi-Tech
System Tanks


Energy Management
Energy Management can take many different forms depending on the size of your business and even your home. For the commercial client the first opportunity for CEM to provide savings is through High Efficiency Lighting and or Lighting Controls. CEM represents the fasted growing lighting devices in the country providing 40 to 60 percents reduction in electric consumption. We would be glad to put together a free estimate of the savings that could be achieved using these new cutting edge products.

Proven Hi-Tech lighing devices can save thousands of dollars per month

Canopy Lights great for significant savings at gas stations FLood lights for most any business location High Bay change out Very Bright High Bay, but lower energy consunpton Garage or parking deck lights can account for major savings
New Acorn lights can provide large savings, especially for city beautification projects Shoe boxes work great for commercial parking and even energy conservation projects at Car Dealerships New line of street lights, look similar to legacy street lights but provide considerable savings New Cobra Head is another popular selection for cities Ask us about this new very bright highbay. It can be used to replace legacy HID lights and provides a much higher CRI


Specialized Area or Parking Lot lighting using Alternate Energy
CEM can make recommendations on new zero energy technologies such as Solar and or Wind powered Area and Parking Lot lighting. These new products are cutting edge and allow for not only zero monthly electric charges but also quick and easy installation times.

This product is in use by a major US gorernment agency No wiring and thus pavement preservation was a big plus for this customer Renewable energy is a big plus with these lights, but more attractive was the elimination of the electric bill



CEM can provide consulting and possibly uncover costly electrical consumption issues
CEM is a licensed electrical contractor and can provide rearrangement of electrical services or advisement of work that is needed. In many cases commercial sites can be reconfigured to provide various savings that the end customer may not be aware of.


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